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About us

About / What We Do?

Tricolor Groups started distributing South Indian films theatrical releases in Australia under the Tricolor Entertainment Brand “Its Just an Entertainment !”. We believe that, we can secure films that can influence, motivate and also showcase unlimited visual entertainment to our viewers for generations to come…

Our mission is to foster, preserve, promote, perpetuate and enhance the rich values and tradition of the Indian community’s longstanding love affair with the Indian languages, through Indian movies & Events which will stimulate their intellectual interest in the literature and culture of our people in and around Australia via this medium. We plan to aggressively promote and uphold cultural diversity, co-operation, heritage & humanitarian services in the inner community.

We intend to have regular screenings of movies and events which will provide opportunities for artists to perform and entertain with friends & families from our community. This encourages the younger generation to watch, enjoy, appreciate and learn the beauty of our culture and tradition, apart from that it also provides a forum for our people to meet and exchange views, ideas and make new friends .

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